A Multifunctional Rowhouse with Modernist Furniture


4. A Living Room Features White Walls, A Sofa, A Table, And A Book Shelf Combined With Blue Pattern Cushions, Several Stock Of Books, And Bold Shade Of Lamp And Some Vases.

Hello, fellas everywhere you are! This time will be a great time to discuss an inspiring split house. The house was firstly built in the 1900s and New York design studio White Arrow has recently renovated it. They split the house into two parts restoring both and emphasizing the interiors inside it. Curious enough to see more? Let’s go down and amaze!

The young owners wanted to have a rental portion with a separate kitchen. Therefore, the house was split into two parts which will support the owners to have a rental piece with its separate kitchen to serve as an income property. The house divider separates it between the upper and the ground floor. The ground floor is for the rental unit spaces, while the high level is where the young owner lives. A staircase in a narrow halfway upon entering the house is access to connect the upper ground and the ground floor. The stairs were turned into a light-fill space with wooden floors. The off-white shade colored it’s every single step, while the railings and the balustrades are filled with black.

Since the house has been renovated, the area of the house has also changed. In the upper floor as the young owner’s zone, there are a new open-plan kitchen, living room, and dining area which are newly formed. The new design optimizes the space for entertaining and hobbies, with two bedrooms that are placed at the opposite end. The dark blue cabinetry and mid-century furnishing highlighting the interiors inside the house. The dark blue shade colors the cabinetry with white marble counters on its top. Some copper ornaments which hung above make its glance more chic and exciting.

Period-appropriate millwork and stuff were added to match the historical features of the house. Not only an authentic look can be seen in the house, around the coffee table in the living room, an office-style cabinet in the dining room and a dresser in the master bedroom also placed in the house to give a mid-century touch. Let’s take a look at the rental kitchen. There are white cabinets and wooden countertops there.

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Although some beautiful artworks are also placed in some parts of the house, the star that gives main accents of the house are some cool lamps and lighting fixtures that are positioned in the proper spot to add style to every space.


5. Monochromatic Dining Area With Black Table And Dining Chairs, Door, Artwork Frames, And A Vase, Combined With White Cabinet And Standing Lamp On The Wooden Floor.

1. White Sofa With Blue White Pattern Cushions In Front Of A Blue Cabinet And Beside A White Book Shelf With Some Stacks Of Colorful Books.

7. A White Big Bed With Black And White Pillows Standing On Monochromatic Pattern Of A Rug Face To Face With Wooden Cabinet, Chair, And Ornament.

8. White Shelves With Wooden Top Perfectly Match With Some Vases, A Stack Of Books, A Pineapple, And A Green Plant As The Ornaments.

3. Sun Shines Through A Window In Black Frame Entering A Kitchen With Cabinetry Which Blue In The Body And White On The Top Beautify By A Vase And Some Bowls With The Same Color.

4. A Living Room Features White Walls, A Sofa, A Table, And A Book Shelf Combined With Blue Pattern Cushions, Several Stock Of Books, And Bold Shade Of Lamp And Some Vases.

2. A Kitchen With White And Blue Cabinet On The Wooden Floor Is Beautify By Copper Hanging Lamps And Water Faucet

6. Monochromatic Area In White Walls And A Black Door With Black White Stair, Hanging Lamps Matched With Wooden Floor.

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