A House in Modern Design with Connecting Bridges and Gardens


Large Trees Green Grass Greeneries Flowers White Dining Chairs Rectangular Dining Table

Modern houses offer a wide array of ideas and inspirations in term of its design and décor. The materials along with the colors and finishes can all determine the décor style of a house. Surely in the modern style, there are certain choices to prefer for the purpose of creating authentic modern appeal. A perfect example of a modern house with just the right distribution of spaces within the available area is the one designed by M Construction recently. It was just an enlargement procedure to get the best appeal as well as the function of the initial building.

M Construction has been so successful in creating a design that brings the house into interaction with the surroundings. The new floor plan of the house has been carefully organized for the purpose of creating distinct spaces connected by bridges. Brick volume can be seen with each own function inside the house. It is a clever way to create space distinction for private areas and social areas. The separation has been done at the highest level of consideration so that each area has its view of the beautiful areas within the courtyard and garden alike. It is a clever way of creating space distinction.

The enlarged house extends into the garden area with large sliding doors and wooden dividers ensuring a smooth transition between volumes. It is perfect to switch to the exterior area from the indoor area smoothly. Meanwhile, the interior area of the house is so simple with its focus on the views outside the house. Concrete flooring is there along with white walls to establish simple yet stunningly bright décor. Furthermore, warm accents of wooden furniture can be found there to complete the beauty of the interior of this house. Color splashes in minimum spots along with textured rugs as well as some artworks and potted plants enhance the décor further.

Large windows and sliding glass doors are there to refresh the look of the house. Each space seems to be connected well with the surroundings naturally due to the use of glass windows. The bedroom itself opens to the garden area. Even the bathroom offers decent views of the outside without compromising privacy matters. Over the simplicity of the materials within the décor inside the house as well as outside, the complete look is just beautiful like no other with perfect balance done by M Construction.


Large Trees Green Grass Greeneries Flowers White Dining Chairs Rectangular Dining Table

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