A Collaboration of Hay and IKEA to Present Ypperlig Collection


Mint Sculptural Candle Holder Clear Glass Vase Decorative Plant

Popular brands such as IKEA have many of its fans around the globe expecting fresh items of it every time. This collaboration with another brand could be helpful in creating fresh new items for those fans. The so-called Ypperlig collection that features over 30 pieces of products is the result of collaboration between Hay and IKEA. Surely all products are related to home appliances and interior decoration. This new collection features a kind of redesign of old items of IKEA by incorporating new splashes of colors as well as interesting patterns for the better appeal of them.

Aside from its main purpose of providing fresh new items for the fans, IKEA intended this collaboration to alter a bit of the general perception of its products. The quality and the design of IKEA are displayed in a less complex state with the less high price to pay as well to get the items. In short, there will be simpler looking items of IKEA in a much more interesting appeal while remain to be highly functional as well as affordable at the same time. Sounds interesting, right? Well, within the 30 items in the Ypperlig collection they are all exactly like that.

The items included in this new collection of IKEA and Hay range from large items to small accessories. There are main furniture items for any interior space as well as small accentuating pieces to boost any decoration style. Vases, blankets, and even candle holders are there within this new collection of IKEA and Hay. Amidst the 30 items, there are surely some key items to focus on. A Scandinavian style plank table from hay is there to be its signature. Meanwhile, there is a vintage sofa as well that is inspired by 1950s style of a sofa in a single molded piece of high-quality foam.

Furthermore, there is a take of Hay on IKEA items as well within the collection. The so-called Frakta bag from IKEA has been redesigned by Hay to look fresher. It is now made of white and forest green fabric along with forest green straps. The basic build and construction of the item remain as its original state. The finish is the part being changer along the remodeling. That way is actually enough to alter some of the iconic items of IKEA with a few creative touches of Hay in this Ypperlig collection.

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Mint Sculptural Candle Holder Clear Glass Vase Decorative Plant

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