A Beautiful Mix of Scandinavian Minimalism and Industrial Accent of an Interior Décor


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It is quite common to actually combine rather contrasting styles of decoration elements in interior décor. The result can be totally unique like nothing else. Even a highly popular style of Scandinavian décor can be altered to have a highly modern look that looks nice. It can be even better with the addition of industrial accents in it. A simple loft can be decorated to really have a unique appeal with this combination while keeping some of the old elements intact. It was a project done by Soren Rose Studio that has been really successful in creating such unique appeal of the décor.

The original appeal of the loft has been changed to a bright and inviting atmosphere. The use of whitewashed oak wood floors along with some exposed brick walls accompanied by marble surfaces of the kitchen is all elevating the interior décor of this particular space. Contrasting elements can be seen all over the space that brings a more eye-catching characteristic of the décor. The contrasting industrial elements can be seen right at the use of some black finished steels alongside glass walls.

The kitchen and dining area are united in a well-designed open floor plan. Yet it has been separated visually with the different finishes of the wall. The kitchen area has exposed brick wall while the dining area has white finished walls. That is a clever way to visually separate two joined spaces without having to use a physical space divider. The marble kitchen island brings a kind of luxurious accent into space while stainless steel cabinetries are in contrast with it. Tall wooden cabinets are there as the storage solutions so that space is clutter-free. Minimalist touch is there with the absence of handles on the cabinets.

Meanwhile, the living room has a comfy leather sofa backed up by a white finished wall and open shelving unit. There is a black finished frame and glass wall that is open to the open floor of kitchen and dining area. Surely the contrasting elements can be seen in this space that is simply beautiful. Furthermore, the master bedroom space of this loft is one in the bright white finish with lots of natural light. Wooden bed, black cabinets, and wall lamps in the bright finish are all there completing the beauty of contrasting style of interior decoration. In the end, it stays simple but looks great.


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