Beautifying Kitchen Space with Wall Décor Items

The kitchen is a space that should be both functional and beautiful at the same time. Many ways can be done to beautify just about any kitchen. Even simple ideas when done properly will enhance the overall appeal of any kitchen in no time. One of the easy ways ...

7 months ago Adrian Lichtenfels


The Black Lake Collection of Furniture and Textile by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co

Ideas and inspirations could be anything concerning creativity to create something. This one collection of furniture and textile from Klaus Haapaniemi & Co from London is an example of that matter. The main idea of this collection is actually Iceland as described by Bjork. Obviously that what really makes ...

7 months ago Marlis Wendland


Coolest Collections of Outdoor Furniture for Any Outdoor Space Enhancement

Adding just the right pieces of furniture into an outdoor space will affect the area significantly. Both the look and the function of outdoor space can be maximized further away when the furniture items are the perfect one. Concerning that matter, these are some of the most refreshing options ...

7 months ago Heine Grau


Origami Chair by Uria Graver for a Unique Geometric Appeal

Unique ideas and designs in interior decoration could come in many ways. It could be the use of furniture with really unique characteristics or even just the use of unique furniture within the decoration. Today it is somewhat easier to go unique within interior decoration since there are so ...

7 months ago Max Schott

Interior Design

Perfect Mix of Glam and Gothic in an Industrial Loft

Combining several quite contradictive things or even ideas may sound terrible. Some people might believe it, and some others might experience it. There are always excellent results of mix and matching stuff altogether. Such concept of combining different styles or touches is pretty standard within the broad scope of ...

7 months ago Fiona Untermann


Unique House in U-Shaped Layout with Indoor and Outdoor Living Incorporated

Combination of outdoor and indoor space in a residential house is getting more and more common these days. The fact that the price is getting more and more expensive in term of a living space means that all available surfaces should be incorporated into the floor plan of any ...

7 months ago Siegmund Windischmann

Home Decor

The Way We Live In a Unique Cabinet

Are you a person who like something different? Are you a person who is anti-mainstream? Are you a person who like extraordinary thing? It will be a good news for you because this time I would like to talk about an extraordinary thing. If you are a fan of ...

7 months ago Gertrudis Eisenmann

Home Decor

Best Ways to Adopt Pantone’s 2018 Color of The Year in Décor

The new color of the year from Pantone is said to be ultraviolet. It is considered to be a decent tone with cheerful, mood-raising, and bold characteristics for any interior decoration. It can be easily incorporated into various styles of internal honor to come to the first appeal at ...

7 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler


Ocean Memories, Bring Home Your Memories of Ocean

Designers and architects can get inspiration from everywhere and everything. They can get fantastic and great inspiration from nature, food, or many other things. Quality is one of many inspiration sources that can give so many inspiration for designers and architects. In this great time, I would like to ...

7 months ago Emma Honigsberg


Fresh Looking and Highly Relaxing Garden by Kate Seddon Landscape Design

Having a well-designed and decorated garden is a great thing that will easily freshen up the surrounding area. Unfortunately, it is true that not everyone has the chance to enjoy a fresh and beautiful garden right in its backyard or terrace. Well, one thing about a garden is that ...

7 months ago Hilda Abend
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