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Color Formula of 60-30-10 to Your House

Do you know what the most popular diet program nowadays is? There may several answers possible, but I tend to answer it with a keto diet. What is interesting about this diet is the food proportion that is set. Fat is around 75% of the total food for each ...

4 months ago Adelmar Rommel


Best Cat Homes and Beds for Modern Space

Pets are inseparable parts of humans so that they should be having their own corners in any living space of humans, right? Well, it may sound awkward but it is true that there have been some brands creating specific items for cats in form of furniture. There are even ...

4 months ago Marianne Hausmann


Modern and Practical Furniture Items for Tight Spaces

By the fact that modern living spaces are relatively small, there are more and more furniture items paying attention to that matter. Thus there are many options for practical furniture items to consider when dealing with tight interior spaces. Aside from being practical, furniture items today are beautiful as ...

5 months ago Fiona Untermann

Interior Design

The Right Ways to Beautify Awkward Spots

There are always awkward looking spots in any interior. Some people may just leave them as they are without trying to do something at all. Unfortunately, those with limited spaces cannot left any corner unused properly. It means that even awkward angles should be altered accordingly to serve well ...

5 months ago Walpurgis Hegeler


Proper Ways in Using Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor space needs lighting too. It is true that more and more people are willingly spending their time outside the house by doing various activities. Today it is easy to find more outdoor kitchens where people love to have a small gathering with their relatives and friends. Surely there ...

5 months ago Nick Lasch


The Best Modern Beds to Get Today

Choosing a bed means that its comfort aspect should be considered first then its appeal follows. Well, surely a bed should be able to provide the needed comfort along its use while also offering the best appeal of it to match the decoration of the bedroom. Along with the ...

5 months ago Albrecht Schulhoff


Stylish Design of Kimono Armchair for Any Space

A seating item will always be needed within any space. Both exterior space and interior space will need proper seating fixtures to be functional. Today there are many creative ideas incorporated into the design and shape of seating items. The actual item can even be inspired by many things ...

5 months ago Anton Ehrlinger

Interior Design

Real-Time Donald Trump Tweet Alert Lamp

The social network is the ultimate hub of almost anyone today. Apart from its location in the world as long as people have shared interests no doubt, they can be easily connected with a wide selection of social networking applications out there. One of the long-running social networking apps ...

5 months ago Adelar Moritz


A Multifunctional Rowhouse with Modernist Furniture

Hello, fellas everywhere you are! This time will be a great time to discuss an inspiring split house. The house was firstly built in the 1900s and New York design studio White Arrow has recently renovated it. They split the house into two parts restoring both and emphasizing the ...

5 months ago Albrecht Schulhoff

Interior Design

Neutral Color Scheme Interior of a Beautifully Designed Apartment

Small living space is commonly associated with the use of neutral tones. The main purpose is to make sure that space is visually larger. Well, that particular idea of a color scheme for a small space such as an apartment will look perfect with the so-called minimalist style of ...

5 months ago Adelar Moritz